Monday, January 19, 2015

Dogs in cold weather

As the weather turns colder it’s so important to remember that even though our beloved dogs have some sort of fur coat, this doesn’t mean that they will be warm enough either inside during the day, when the heating might be off, or outside, when they can’t add another layer of warmth as we do!

Here are some quick tips from Pet 24:

1.  Check how the breed of your dog is effected by cold weather. If you don’t already know, this can be discovered easily online or by asking your vet. Not all dogs will need the same attention/protection when it comes to ensuring that their bodily warmth is maintained. Obviously, short-haired dogs like greyhounds, boxers etc are bound to feel the cold more than Alaskan Huskies...but there are some surprising exceptions to the 'thick-fur-coat' expectations we might have!

2.  Make your dogs walks shorter when it’s cold-they’ll appreciate it even if they can’t tell you! For older dogs do remember that those prone to arthritis or other muscular problems, really only need gentle exercise twice a day. Most owners are very alert as to how their dogs are walking- do notice any small changes and take note of any reluctance on their part to go out or stay out….which doesn’t mean to say ‘give in to their immediate demands’ !!

Pet 24 boss, Buster is pretty good at ‘faking it’ at the start of his walks, (he often refuses to budge once outside of the front door!). He’s a little stiff in the mornings, so we often carry him until he's in sight of busy squirrels- so that his ‘squirrel-fever’ soon makes him forget his all aches and pains!  He’s allowed shorter walks when it’s cold, even if it means bringing him home earlier and going out again with his younger and still bouncy sister Roxy (head of dog/customer services).

3.  If your dog HAS to be outside then do insulate their kennel against the cold, taking special care to cover the entrance with an effective, flexible material. There are many inexpensive options listed online that really work, are quick to set up, and will ensure a warm and cosy bed for your loved doggie! When dogs become cold over  a few hours even, their resistance drops and they are much more prone to illness…as owners are to vets bills!

4. PLEASE don’t trim or shave off their winter coats…no matter how scruffy your dog looks! It’s part of their natural defence against winter weather. When we see a freshly clipped dog in the park in the winter (and sadly we do!) it’s all we can do do to resist getting hold of the owner and ripping off THEIR winter clothes just to say ‘ How does THAT feel buddy?!’  Sadly, some people are more interested in how their dogs LOOK rather than thinking about how their dogs FEEL.

5. Please don’t start to overfeed your dog just because it’s colder weather-that’s a real projection of (what many believe to be) human needs, onto dogs! You’ll just end up with an overweight and unhealthy pooch.

6.  Paying a little extra attention to your dog’s needs in the winter can help with vet’s bills…dogs are prone to extra medical stresses in the winter just as we are. Be aware of extra chemicals/salts on the roads and pavements that dogs can pick up easily- do check their paws after a walk through any unfamiliar road and pavement treatments.

7. Older dogs feel the cold much more than younger ones-just like us! Buster, (on the lead below) is 15 in April, and has only recently decided that he’s not going out at ALL without his coat on-despite having quite a thick, fluffy (and scruffy!) coat of his own! (He's spent most of his active life avoiding all dog-dressing-up that his sad owners attempted!)

Buster and Roxy were pretty disgusted when we bought these ‘Dayglo’ jackets, but they are warm and now they can easily be seen at dusk/night when they wander off in the park. These have a warm fluffy lining and now that it’s colder Buster actually ASKS for his coat to be put on by nuzzling up to it when we get out their leads-bless him. Roxy runs about so much more that she warms up quickly and wriggles around on her back to ask for hers to be taken off, which always results in a mad lamb-like gambol!
Here's hoping that you and your beloved doggies all stay warm during the coming weeks!    

NB! The attached lead is NOT a safe walking lead-it's there to stop Buster wandering off due to the utter boredom he experiences when having his picture taken (unlike his sis who'll soon be modelling her latest pearls-she's such a poser as soon as any camera appears). 

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