Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Happy Owner story-kindly written by Frank's owner

As you can see Frank is a big part of our family. On the day he went missing we were on a normal walk in the woods near our house. We think Frank must have caught the scent of a fox or something strong, as he suddenly ran away and kept running even when we called him back. Our whole family walked around the woods for nearly an hour-we were out of our minds with worry as we’d never lost him before. Then my mobile rang-it was a Pet 24 person to say that Frank had been found and was safe in a house with another dog and 2 children making a fuss of him! It’s hard to write how relieved we were-and we are all so pleased that he has a Pet 24 tag….this is a great service and I will recommend it-thank you!

Frank and Luke

                                              Frank was rescued from Dogs Trust

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