Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Happy Owner story-kindly written by Cleo's owner Kev

Cleo was only missing a short while, whilst out with her friends something spooked her and she got herself lost in the woods in thick undergrowth.

Despite calling her and the usual whistling she continued to go deeper into the woods. This is only the second week of her being ‘off lead’ and until now she's only had one other occasion when she 'spooked' but found her way back safely that time.

This time she followed her instincts and made for the end of the walk side of the woods where there is a gate. She was stopped from going through by a couple walking their rescue greyhound. They attached their lead to Cleo and seeing the Pet 24 tag called the number and gave Cleo’s ID number.

Fortunately, my friends and I caught up with the couple at the gate. I was very grateful to the couple who had the sense to hold onto her and also to call the Pet 24 number straight away. All is well now and Cleo, despite her stress at getting lost, is happily curled up on her favourite settee.

Had I not been able to find Cleo at the time it is a comfort to know that as soon as I had access to my email I would have known that someone had reported her found. Great job Pet 24!


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