Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another Happy Owner-kindly written by George's owner Jane McCarthy

I recently returned home to NZ to visit my mother in Auckland, leaving my dog 'George' with my auntie and uncle in a small village in the Yorkshire Moors.  George is lovely old Border Terrier that we got from the Dogs Trust in Darlington last year who is a real character.  Despite having a gunshot wound in 2 legs he loves his daily walks and these are the highlight of his day.  On Day 1 of him staying with my relatives, I received a phone call from Pet24 to say that George was sitting by himself in a pub and the publican was looking after him!  I was obviously very shocked and worried, but with Pet 24's help I was able to ring the publican and ask him to keep George in there until I could get in touch with my auntie to pick him up - which she promptly did.  It turns out he had got so excited waiting for his walk he decided to go by himself and called in the 'local' for a tipple along the way, a bowl of water and a pat from the locals!!

Thanks Pet 24 for helping co-rdinate the return of our Gorgeous George!! Jane McCarthy 


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