Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The MOST innocent little face...!....'Moi?!... running off ...then chewing valuables?!'

Shoelace's wonderful sweet face disguises his actions that day...!...from his owners:

'We are most grateful to you for locating Shoelace, our mischievous  two year old Norfolk Terrier.

Whilst visiting family who own another puppy (Labrador) the two of them went on a 'little run' and although the lab puppy returned, Shoelace didn't! Luckily for us Shoelace was found by a lovely lady on her way to work. After Pet 24 gave her our number, she tried to call us but our mobiles had no reception at first. After driving around looking for him, our mobile reception improved and she got through- poor Shoelace was distressed but very relieved- as were we!

When we got home he was still a bit hyper-active and due to chasing the cats around (!) I put him in the bedroom...were he proceeded to chew my hearing aids!
 Amazingly he hadn't damaged the units themselves and the hearing aid centre was able to replace the wires and inserts at no cost and they work perfectly.

I must again thank you for your help and for responding so quickly when Shoelace was lost.'

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