Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Beau goes on his door!

You might be surprised by how often when a dog goes missing, they often don't travel far at all! This of course does not lessen the awful stress that we feel when we realise our dog is missing, so a quick return is vital for the sake of both the dog and the owner. Microchipping is essential (it's now the law and great for proving ownership) but the finder of the lost dog has to spend time-sometimes hours- first locating a scanning machine, then taking the dog to the scanner. Our service will reunite you with your dog within a few minutes. Our 24/7 call centre team will call you within seconds of the finder calling us-and we'll ensure the safety of your dog until you reach the finder.

Here's another recent story of a 'neighbourly visit' by Beau:

'Beau, decided to avail himself of the opportunity whilst my back was turned to "visit" our neighbours, who also just happened to be " doggie people."

As they are quite new to the area, they became concerned that he was lost and phoned the number on the collar tag.

That number tag is in my view worth its weight in gold!!

Beau wasn't gone more than a few minutes, so it says to me that the service is invaluable in reuniting pets and owners! Beau is not yet one year old and is well socialised, hence his desire to say hello to as many people as possible!!

I cannot fault the service. Full Marks!!'             

Many thanks for your help,   Barry Greene

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