Monday, November 28, 2016

Eddie's owners were abroad when he was hit by a car..........

"On the 11th of November my partner and I were away visiting family in Italy. We were on our way out that evening when Chris got a phone call from a number he didn’t recognise- he let it go to answer machine because he presumed it was a sales call. However, he saw that whoever had tried to contact him had left a voicemail message so it probably wasn’t a sales call after all. 

As he was listening to the voicemail I saw his face change dramatically and knew immediately it was bad news; Eddie had been involved in a car accident. This is when I realised I’d not brought my phone out with me and I started to panic,-we felt so helpless being so far away. Chris phoned Pet24 back and was given the information they had, he was also given the number of the person who had phoned the number on Eddie’s collar tag. We were soon in touch and able to piece the story together. 

 Eddie had gone missing for over an hour whilst on his walk with my mum and had obviously tried to make his way back to her house (he knows the route well). He had subsequently been run over by a car on a 40mph speed limit road and the driver had sped off. Fortunately for us two wonderful people, whom I will always be indebted to, stopped and got out of their cars to stop the traffic and help Eddie. We were able to get in touch with them and ask them to kindly take Eddie to our vets because, luckily, they were close by and they were able to bring Eddie in for an emergency visit. 

Eddie was inspected by the vet who determined that there was nothing too seriously wrong with him and that he was one very lucky dog! Some painkillers were prescribed for his pain and inflammation; all of this was covered by Pet24’s emergency funds in case of an accident. We are just over a week on and Eddie has made great progress, he has a few cuts and a bit of a bad leg but we are hopeful that with time and tlc these will heal. 

I cannot begin to thank everyone who helped us in this horrible ordeal, we’ll be forever grateful.

I would also like to thank Pet24 for not giving up and phoning us until someone answered, when I got back to my phone I saw I had several missed calls, texts and emails! If we hadn’t got in touch with the people who found Eddie God knows how long it would have taken us and my mum to find him again. I URGE everyone who hasn’t already, to list more contact numbers on their list of emergency numbers and, if their pet is being looked after by someone, to ensure that their number is one of those numbers too! 

Finally, thank you to Ali who I spoke to when I rang Pet24 regarding claiming our vet fees for being so caring and pleasant to deal with.

Here is a photo of me and Eddie, I’m so happy to have him in my arms once again!”

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