Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Pet 24 and Agria Insurance provide a speedy return for the intrepid Archie!

Pet 24 works in partnership with many different types of organisations. As well as working with established animal charities such as Dogs Trust and Wood Green Animal Shelter, we also work with Agria Insurance who offer our service to their many customers. We couldn't resist telling you about this particular little chap 'Archie' as he's so adorable and we believe should be starring in a Walt Disney film! Here's his lost and found story as brilliantly written to us by one of his relieved owners:

Archie, our 6 month old border is happy to go along with my husband when he is out and about working. In fact he has built up a team of admirers who take turns in supervising him as well as supplying a steady stream of treats! 

Unfortunately a minor lapse in supervision resulted in our adventurous young pup making a bid for freedom and he escaped through a partially open gate. Our intrepid explorer made his way across a car park and behind the back of the local shopping centre. 

Following his instincts and no doubt his nose, Archie found his way to the local butcher's shop. The butcher's boy was interrupted from his sausage-making duties to find two doleful eyes looking up at him. Fortunately he resisted the begging looks and phoned the Pet 24 number immediately. Much to my husband's relief, Archie was returned within 20 minutes and the search party called off. 

The 'Cooler King's great escape was at an end with a happy conclusion all round. Really glad we had taken up the option of having Archie tagged. 

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