Friday, April 24, 2015

Another quick reunite for opportunist Scrappy!

Many thanks to Peter Grace for writing about Scrappy's straying adventure!

We acquired Scrappy from Dog’s Trust at Kenilworth.  He is a King Charles Spaniel/Jack Russell cross which has given him a very inquisitive nature and boundless energy.  He is a friendly little character and has recently returned from his second visit to France where he seemed equally at home. 

A few weeks ago while my wife Mary, who is disabled, was home alone when a neighbour called to see her.  When Mary opened the door to speak to her, Scrappy seized the moment and off he went on an unscheduled adventure.  Because of Mary’s restricted mobility she was unable to give chase and Scrappy disappeared around the corner of our cul de sac to inspect neighbouring gardens and properties.  

Fortunately Dog’s Trust had put us in touch with Pet 24 and the runaway was wearing his tag with its vital information.  He was gone for a considerable time and then our home phone rang to pass on the news that someone had found Scrappy and had rung the number on his collar tag of Pet 24.  This meant that with the aid of our son, Scrappy was collected from his final destination and returned safely home.  

Thankfully he had not gone far and had been quite happy to accept the hospitality of his rescuers.  When I arrived home I delivered a small token of our gratitude, taking Scrappy on his lead to apologise.  His rescuers were quite amused, telling me that he didn’t put up any sort of struggle but made himself comfortable on their settee!  

Peter Grace

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