Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A beautiful Summer!

Summer's story is a very common one at Pet 24. The huge majority of dogs that go missing are those being looked after by friends or family, while the owners are away on holiday. 

Even if the dog enjoys being in a familiar home, they will become stressed when they start to miss their owners, so it's imperative that all temporary doggie carers are made aware of this from the start and encouraged to take particular care with gates, doors and when out walking the dog. It's a good idea to put up temporary notices on all exits from the house and garden just to remind everyone of their precious visitor's safety! When walking the dog it's recommended to keep them on a lead or only walk in a secure fenced off area. It's really worth explaining to the temporary carers that although it might not show, your doggie is going to feel more stressed than usual and increasingly wonder where you are.

It's imperative therefore that your dog feels safe and secure at all times, particularly when you are away.

Here's another happy Pet 24 story-we had to choose this photo of Summer due to her lovely pink tongue and beautiful brown eyes! Thankfully another escapee with a happy told by Summer herself of course! 

I stayed at my Mum's friend's house while my family went away on holiday.  It was very nice staying there as she gave me lots of treats! But I was really missing my family and this made me want to do something different. 

On the day I was due to go home, I slipped out when someone left the gate open, walked along the road and tried to have a great time, though I was feeling stressed at being out on my own.

I went into the corner shop where the owner was really nice to me and gave me some water. She rang the Pet 24 number on my tag so that I could be collected. She told everyone that I was really good, didn't move from the shop and that everyone who came in made a fuss of me. Frankly, I was relieved to be inside and somewhere safe.

Then my Mum came to collect me and my adventure was over. I was very happy to see her!
 I wouldn't have run away if I'd known it was the last day without my family!

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