Friday, March 6, 2015

Small dogs stolen for dogfight bait

Although there has been a lot of media noise around this subject, we are still seeing small dogs left alone, tied up outside shops or in one case this morning, outside a library. 

Hard as it is to write about and more so, to include pictures of the terrible results of dogs used for bait, the whole Pet 24 team feel that such an awful activity warrants its own blog...even if it saves just one dog's pain or even its life.

There is currently another surge in dogs being stolen for bait, mainly because the morons that steal small dogs for bait are paid increasingly well. The latest scam is for small dogs to be followed home, then the owner's house marked on the pavement as a house to be watched for a future opportunity to steal the dog that lives there.

We have also heard of dogs that have been enticed across a park by strong smelling food, then quickly picked up by the thieves, leaving the owner scouring the park to no avail. 

Other small dogs have been snatched from cars that have been left unlocked, and some even from the owner's garden.

We all really have to be on the alert for anyone looking suspicious, either hanging around in parks, or near our homes. Luckily dog owners are usually very friendly to each other, so word should be getting around. Sadly however, it's clear that many owners are still in ignorance of this awful activity.

Although many of these poor dogs don't survive being used as bait, some are found alive and in a terrible state. 

Forgive us for including the following picture- these are shocking but NOTHING like some of the truly disturbing and upsetting images available. We feel it's necessary to include some images while it's clear that some dog owners either don't know about this growing activity or are maybe just being too complacent, imagining it would never happen to their dog. 

PLEASE talk to all dog owners you meet about this shocking activity.

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